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The Revolutionaries - Roots Man Dub

Heartbeat CD #CDHB 332 2007

Playlist :
Black Star Dub
Roots Man Dub
Runaway Dub
Iron Gate
Rockers Dub
Dub On The Track
Macabak Rock
Ital Collie
Herb Man Skank
Heartical Dub
Let Dub Abide
Loving Dub
Over Africa
Dub Again Rasta
Mad Dub

Let Me Dub
Midnight Dub
Don't Worry Dub
Rock My Dub
Get You Dubbing
Tell Me The Dub
See Me Dub
No Yo Yo Dub
You Want A Dub
Warning Dub
Run Come Dub
Each Day Dub
Soulful Dub
Stand By Dub

Comment :
bonus tracks cover the 1976-83 area


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