Various Artists - Rock On (1983)


Musicians : The Soul Syndicate

Label : Jah Live
Catalogue : JL 9009
Date : 1983
Produced by : Niney
Studios : Channel One, Randy's, Joe Gibbs
Ingénieurs : Errol Thompson, Bunny Tam tam
Compilé by : Concrete Jungle
Masterisé at : Magnum international byis
Cover : Peinture de Fluoman

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Niney - Blood And Fire
Gregory Isaacs & Christine - Rock On
Junior Byles - Run Run Run
The Hammers - Arms Of Flesh
Niney - Mutiny
Dennis Brown - Here I Come Again
Dennis Brown - Africa
Brimstone - Education

Jah Suckie & Rising Son - Peace In a Jam Dung / Version (7")

A - Jah Suckie - Peace In a Jam Dung
B - Rising Son - Version

V.A. - Winston Riley Dancehall Techniques (1986-91)

01.Intro — Fuzzy Jones
02.Bad Boys — Courtney Melody
03.A Fi Fly Out — Daddy Lizard
04.No Call Me John Boops — Michael Prophet
05.Boops — Super Cat
06.Leave People Business — Admiral Tibet
07.Gunman Lyrics — Cutty Ranks
08.Sunshine Day-- Pliers
09.Ital Jockey-- Johnny P
10.Hic Up — Gregory Isaacs & Tiger
11.Hol A Fresh — Red Dragon
12.Bill A Spliff — Flourgon
13.So Good To Me — Courtney Melody
14.Nowadays Girls — Super Black
15.Out A Hand — Cutty Ranks
16.Co-Unoh — Reggie Stepper featuring Fuzzy Jones
17.Ring The Alarm Quick — Tenor Saw & Buju Banton
18.Yu Body Good — Red Dragon

Inner Circle - Ready For The World (1977)

Record date : 1977

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Ready For The World / I Like To See You Dance
Music Is For Everyone
Catch Me When I'm Coming (With My Music)
Never Born To Be Wild
Live Together
I Found A Girl
Oh Lord
Great American Dream
I’m A Rastaman

Vocals : Jacob Miller
Backing Band : The Inner Circle

Jackie Brown - Lion Head (197x)

01 - Bearded Babylon
02 - Miss Wire Waist
03 - Wizer Dread
04 - Lion Head
05 - Blinder Rider
06 - Close By Your Side
07 - Africa
08 - Dread Head
09 - Sheep And Goat
10 - Only One Man
11 - Bang Bang Lulu
12 - I No By Now

John Holt - Sweetie Come Brush Me (1982)

Ghetto Queen
My Eyes
Same Girl
Sweetie Come Brush Me
Way We Were
Try A Thing
Fancy Make Up
Do You Love M

Inner Circle - Rock The Boat (1974)

Record date : 1974

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
You Make Me Feel Brand New
I'm Going Home
Here I Am Baby
Westbound Train
Duppy Gunman
Book Of Rules
Homely Girl
Rock The Boat
Some Guys Have All The Luck
Everything I Own
None Shall Escape The Judgement
Have Some Mercy

Producer : Tommy Cowan

Toyan - Toyan (1982)

J&L LP #JJ 061 1982
Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, DJ

Playlist :
Wife & Sweetheart
Spar With Me
Cuss & Cuss
Life In Jam Down
World War Affair
Gun Shot
Ronnie & Lou

Mixing Engineer : Ernest Hoo Kim & Scientist
Engineer : Ernest Hoo Kim & Scientist

Producer : Channel One

Vocals : Toyan
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar : Rad Bryan
Lead Guitar : Rad Bryan
Keyboards : Ansel Collins
Synthesiser : Robert Lynn
Piano : Gladdy Anderson
Trumpet : David Madden
Alto Saxophone : Dean Frazer
Tenor Saxophone : Dean Frazer
Percussions : Sticky

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Remixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)

Wayne Wade - Dancing Time (1978)

Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Dancing Time
Too Experienced
Happy Go Lucky Girl
Everybody Bawling
Doctor Bird
Now I Know
On The Beach
Nut Tree
Number One
Baby Don't Go

Producer : Yabby You

Vocals : Wayne Wade
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar : Clinton Fearon
Rhythm Guitar : Albert Griffiths
Piano : Touter Harvey
Organ : Ansel Collins

Dennis Brown - History (1985)

Record date : 1985

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
We Should Make Love
Too Late
Up Full One
Tracks Of Life
Material Girl
The Exit
Dance Dance All Night
I'll Be Waiting There

Engineer : Squeengine Francis & Prince Jammy & Bobby Digital

Arranger : Prince Jammy
Producer : Prince Jammy

Vocals : Dennis Brown
Backing Band : Steely & Clevie & The Super Power All Stars
Backing Vocals : Dalton Brownie

Recording : Jammy's (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Jammy's (Kingston, JA)

Fatman Riddim Section - Tribulation Dub (1981)

Top Ranking LP #TRI 3244 1982
TR International LP #TRI 3244 1981
Record date : 1982

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Time Wasting
Reggae Dubs
Oh Jah
Tribulation Dub
Bald Head
Hill Rockers

Frankie Paul - The Early Days Of (1981-84)

Record date : 1981-84

Album style : dancehall, solo vocal

Playlist :
Set Me Free
Reach The Top
Gwan A School
On The Bench
Take Me Away
It's Me Frankie
Me Feel Shame

Studios : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

Pinchers - Hotter (1991)

Head Back No Care Less
Hotter Mr. Pinchers
Border Line
Be My Friend
Nuff Man Have To Die
Send Another One Come
Harder They Come

Jacob Miller - The Killer Rides Again (1974-76)

VP CD #VPCD 2029 1991
Record date : 1974-76

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Fire A Go Burn
Have Some Mercy
Can You Handle It
Meet Me Tonight
You Make Me Feel Brand New
All Night Till Daylight
Forward Jah Jah Children

Producer : Tommy Cowan

Vocals : Jacob Miller
Backing Band : The Inner Circle

Junior Reid & The Bloods - The Bloods (1995)

01. Anthem featuring Bitter Roots
02. Burning Down featuring Michael Rose
03. Gun No Have Sense featuring Captain Thunder
04. World Gone Reggae featuring Snagga Puss
05. Dance Nah Keep Again featuring Dennis Brown
06. Not a One Man Thing featuring Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
07. Dance F. Gwan featuring Ricky General
08. Babylon Fall featuring Pinchers and Fragga Ranks
09. Cry Now featuring Gringo Ranks and Captain Thunder
10. Rasta Soldiers on Guard featuring Roger Flames and Iya Thunger

Michael Rose - Selassie I Showcase (1998)

Jah Is Near
Pressure Dub
Funeral Dub
Rush On The Tonic
Super Tonic Dub
I Love King Selassie
Mystic Dub
Never See Come See
Official Dub
Praise Him
Praises Dub
Jah Is My Shepherd (feat. Cutty Ranks)

Mike Brooks - Respect Due (1987)

01) Soon Come
02) If I Didn't Love You
03) It's So Nice
04) Boarder
05) Beautiful Lady
06) Respect Due (To Everyone)
07) Smile
08) Watch The Wicked
09) Thrill Me
10) You I Love

Monty Alexander - Here Comes The Sun (1972)

A1 Montevideo (4:21)
A2 Where Is Love (5:04)
A3 Here Comes The Sun (4:57)
A4 Love Walked In (6:19)
B1 Brown Skin Girl (4:36)
B2 This Dream Of Mine (4:06)
B3 So What (10:29)

Bass - Eugene Wright
Congas - Montego Joe
Drums - Duffy Jackson
Engineer - Paul Goodman
Piano - Monty Alexander
Producer - Don Schlitten
Recorded In New York City, June 6 1971

Osbert Madoo - This Lady (1990)

Talisman - Unreleased Album (198x)

Embryo LP # 198X
Record date : 198X

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Dole Age
Free Speech
Majestic Stride
Nitty Grutty
Nothing Change
Run Come Girl
Slow Poison
Wicked Dem
Is Wha' You Say

Tony Tuff - Link Up (1996)

01 Come Again
02 Love Light Shining
03 Funny Funny World
04 What Else Can I Do
05 Rub A Dub A Play
06 Link Up
07 Wuk Wuk Gal Pickney
08 Woman Woman
09 Matter Of Time
10 Worries And Problems
11 Walk And Talk
12 More We Are Together
13 I Am In Love
14 Ain't No Woman
15 Careless People

Jah Shaka & Twinkle Brothers - Rasta Surface (1991)

Jah Shall Reign
Give Us The Power
Rasta Surface
New day
Praise H.I.M.
Rise And Shine

V.A. - Cosmic Force Dance Hall Vol 1 (2007)

01. Around The Corner
02. My Life Is Like A Dream
03. Physical
04. Too Hype
05. My Mother Song
06. Think Positive
07. She Wears My Ring
08. New Brand Style
09. No To Drugs
10. Revenge Of The Gorgon
11. Unforgettable Love
12. Come To Me

Winston Groovy & Eugene Paul - Winston & Eugene (1971)

01 Free The People - Winston Groovy
02 Whole Lot Of Woman - Eugene Paul
03 Get Back Together - Winston Groovy
04 Hard Minded Neighbour - Eugene Paul
05 I've Got To Find A Way To Get Maria Back - Winston Groovy
06 Farewell My Darling - Eugene Paul
07 Not Now Winston - Groovy
08 Don't Let My Tears Fall - Eugene Paul
09 I Wanna Be Loved Winston - Groovy
10 Another Saturday Night - Eugene Paul
11 Sweeter Than Honey - Winston Groovy
12 Somebody's Changing My Sweet Baby's Mind - Eugene Paul

Carroll Thompson - Carroll Thompson (1982)

Record date : 1982

Album style : lovers, solo vocal

Playlist :
World Of Love
A Happy Song
Stay With Me Tonight
Music (It Will Never Die)
Just A Little Bit
Hoping On Love
Dreams Of You
Your Love

Arranger : Alan Weeks & Carroll Thompson & Barry Vincent & Joel Oliver
Producer : Carroll Thompson

Mixing Engineer : Stuart Breed
Engineer : Mark Stephenson & Mark Angelo

Vocals : Carroll Thompson
Backing Vocals : Carroll Thompson & Cleveland Watkis & Karen Wheeler
Drums : Kenrick Rowe & Drummie Zeb & Timmie
Bass : Tony Gad & Courtney Carr & Ras Elroy
Guitar : Joel Oliver & Alan Weeks & Barry Vincent
Piano : Barry Vincent & Ras Ojamba & Jackie Mittoo
Synthesiser : Jackie Mittoo & Chris Hodges
Organ : Jackie Mittoo
Horns : Michael Bami Rose & Ray Carless & Henry Matx
Percussions : Jah Lenny
Horns Arranger : Alan Weeks & Barry Vincent
Congas : Jah Lenny

Studios :
Recording : Mark Angelo (London, UK) & Easy Street (London, UK)
Mixing : Easy Street (London, UK)

Bullwackie & The Chosen Brothers - I'll Be Good (1989)

Again (3:34)
Try Again (3:51)
Crime in the Streets (4:01)
Baby Come Back (3:58)
Yours Always (3:57)
Bullwackie in dub (3:18)
I Will Be Good (3:59)
Who's Gonna Pay (the Rent) (4:06)
Fee Free (3:55)
My Girl (4:01)
Baby I Love You (3:02)
Bay Bridge (4:11)

One Blood - Super Showcase (1982)

Record date : 1982

Album style : lovers, solo vocal, discomix

Playlist :
Show Some Love
It's Nature
Love For You
Love Has Just Begun
The Girl I Adore
You're Just A Dream
You Used To Love Me
Love Is To Share

One Blood - In Love (1982)

Record date : 1982

Album style : lovers, solo vocal

Playlist :
All In The Game
Pretty Baby
Come On Sister
Out Of My Dreams
Lady Lady
I'm In Love
House Is Not A Home
Hold Me
Never Gonna Leave
Neville King Rock

Ras Midas - Rastaman In Exile (1980)

Record date : 1980

Album style : roots, solo vocal

Playlist :
Rastaman In Exile
Rat And Cat World Power
Burning Revelation
Too Long In The Wind
Zion Last Train
Plague And Armagedeon
Lean On Jah
Tout Long Temps Dans Le Vent

Engineer : Sylvan Morris

Vocals : Ras Midas
Backing Vocals : Marcia Griffiths & Annesa Banks
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace
Bass : Ranchie
Rhythm Guitar : Bingy Bunny
Lead Guitar : Sewell
Organ : Winston Wright
Piano : Gladstone Anderson
Keyboards : Wire Lindo & Bubbler
Horns : Nambo Robinson & Dean Frazer & Junior Chin
Congos : Ras Midas & Scully Simms & Bongo Herman
Percussions : Sylvan Morris & Scully Simms & Ras Midas
Harmonica : Jimmy Becker

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

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