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(Former) address Greensleeves Records:
44 Uxbridge, Shepherd's Bush, London W12, England
Unit 7, Goldhawk Industrial Estate, 2a Brackenbury Road, London W6 0BA, England
Unit 14, Metro Centre, St. John's Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW6 GNJ, England

GRED 1 Wailing Soul & Ranking Trevor - War // Wailing Soul - Jah Give Us Life / Don't Feel No Way
Backed by the Revolutionaires
Produced by Joseph Hoo Kim

GRED 2 Reggae Reggular - The Black Star Liner // Reggae Reggular - Where Is Jah
Produced by Lloyd "TCB" Patten

GRED 3 Cygnus - Thank You For Last Night // Cygnus - Silhouettes
Produced by Chris Cracknell & Cygnus

GRED 4 Cygnus - Jah Man // Cygnus - Babylon (You Got To Set Jah Children Free)
Produced by Chris Cracknell and Cygnus

GRED 5 Capital Letters - Smoking My Ganja // Capital Letters - Natty Walk
Produced by Chris Cracknell & Capital Letters, produced by Capital Letters

GRED 6 I.Jarzif - How Could I Leave My Wife // I.Jarzif - Wisdom of Jah
Backed by Cygnus
Produced by C. Cracknell

GRED 7 I.Haicideons and I.Jarzif - Rise Ethiopians // I.Haicideons and I.Jarzif - Sign of Messiah
Produced by I.Haicideons

GRED 8 Keith Hudson - Bloody Eyes // Keith Hudson - Bloody Eyes Dub
Produced by K Hudson

GRED 9 Ranking Joe & The Steppers - The Hotter Claps Clap Them // Ranking Joe & Revolutionaires - Panic Dub
Arranged & produced by Martin Williams
Backed by The Revolutionaires

GRED 10 Dr. Alimantado & The Rebels - Born For A Purpose / Reason For Living // Dr. Alimantado & The Rebels - Still Alive/Life All Over
Produced by W. Thompson