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Musicism - Riding In Rhythm (1977)


Recorded & Mixed at Aquarius
Arranged by Mikie Chung & Clive Hunt
Engineers : Steven Stanley, Mervyn Williams, Carl Pitterson, Clive Hunt, Willie Lindo, Carlvin Robertson, Herman Chin Loy

Bass : Boris Gardiner, Clive Hunt, Mike Chung, Willie Lindo, Glen Brown, Val Douglas
Drums : Michael Richards, Clive Hunt, Paul Douglas
Guitars : Mike Chung, Ernest Ranglin, Carl Pitterson, Clive Hunt, Mikie Murray
Keyboards : Leslie Butler, Harold Butler, Clive Hunt, Mikie Chung, Robert Lyn, Wire Lindo, Tyrone Downie, Steven Stanley
Horns : Clive Hunt
Percussions : Mikie Chung, Steven Stanley
Background Voices : Merlene Brooks

Label : Aquarius (JA)
Cat # : ARCO LP 005

Musicism - Riding In Rhythm (1977)

Side A : Tae Kwon Do, Congo Basin, Dubbing me Softly, Village Soul, Boot Hill

Side B : Ranking Ranglin, Stop The Fuss Cuss Rust Distrust from Us at Aquarius, Floating Zepplin, Stepping On

C label singles 11 to 15 from (Jamaica rydmic)

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Channel One JOE JOE 2106-a 1975] ranking trevor - murderer
Channel One JOE JOE 2142-b 1975] ranking trevor - murderer version

Channel One MCCO 004-a martin campbell - who can we run to
Channel One MCCO 004-b hi tech roots dynamics - who can we run to dub
Channel One MCCO 009-a robert lee - I spy
Channel One MCCO 009-b hi tech roots dynamics - I spy dub
Channel One UK MCCO 010-A Martin Campbell - Gunman A Come (Original Version)
Channel One UK MCCO 010-B Hi Tech Roots Dynamics - Gunman A Come Dub (Original Version)
Chappy - A 004] Nora Dean - Ahmad-Jamal
Chappy - B 004] Nora Dean - Love Of A Boy
Chappy - RRM 031 - 1971] The Ethiopians - Want Gal
Chappy - RRM 034 - 1971] The Ethiopians - Want Gal Version
Chappy - Studio 17 @ 112 - The Lyrics - Love That Is Real
Chappy - Studio 17 @ 113 - Version
Charcoal - DSR 9666-A - 1980] The Jewels - My Little Dream L
Charcoal - DSR 9667-B - 1980] The Jewels - Dream Love
Charmax - CD1511A - Max Romeo - Chase The Devil
Charmax - CD1511B - Max Romeo - Rhythm
Charmax Music DSR 6616-A Max Romeo - Valley Of Johasophat
Charmax Music DSR 6617-B Charmax Players - Version
Charmers_C & W 001-A] Roy Shirley - The Great Roy Shirley Medley
Charmers_C & W 001-AA] Big Youth & I Roy - Johnny Reggae_Buck And The Preacher
Choice CM 001-A Howie Atkins - Walls Of Babyland
Choice CM 001-B Donavan Adamson - Trying Youth Man
Choice CM 001-BB Version
christie frc 7124-a] sir harry - butto down
christie frc 7124-b] sir harry - butto down version
Circle CS 12 017-A Mr. Brown - Prisoners
Circle CS 12 017-B Mr. Brown - Love Is Amazing
circle re 2325-a 1973] jah woosh - chucky jean
circle re 2326-b 1973] jah woosh - famine on the land
Circle Sound CS12 15-A Althea Ranking & The Donnaz - Where Have All The Natty Dreads Gone
Circle Sound CS12-15-B (CS-009) Althea & The Donnaz - Virgin Style
Clan Disc CE 2690-A - Neville Martin - The Message
Clan Disc CE 3559-B - Neville Martin - The Message Version

Clan Disc CE 3780-A - Righteous Generation - Give Jah Praise
Clan Disc CE 3780-B - Righteous Generation - Give Jah Praise Version
Clan Disc DSR 6840-A - Freddie McKay - Paulette
Clan Disc DSR 6841-B - Freddie McKay - Paulette Version
Clan Disc DSR 7647-A - Clancy & Prince Braveman - Herbman Fever
Clan Disc DSR 7648-B - Clancy Eccles All Stars - Herbman's Reggae Disco
Clan Disc DYNA 3989-1 - The Silvertones - Tear Drops Will Fall
Clan Disc DYNA 3990-1 - The Dynamites - Tear Drops Version
Clan Disc FCE 7752 - 1969 - Clancy Eccles - Tribute To Drumbago
Clan Disc FCE 7753 - 1969 - Clancy Eccles - Fattie Fattie
Clappazz Music Inc. CLA 002-A - Linval Thompson & Ranking Trevor - Working
Clappazz Music Inc. CLA 002-B - Linval Thompson & Ranking Trevor - Cliffie Special
Clappers CL 12 0002-A N. Tate - Change Your Character
Clappers CL 12 0002-B Bird All-Stars - Characteristics
Clappers CL 12 0003-A Buckers - Violent Times
Clappers CL 12 0003-B Music Masters - Violent Rock
Clappers CL 12 0005-A Sons Of Creation - Feeling Down A Yard (The Yankee & The Yardy Come Together)
Clappers CL 12 0005-B Sons Of Creation - Revival
Clarke's Records DSR 4503A - Amos Clarke - Put Me Out On The Street
Clarke's Records DSR 4504B - Version
Clinch AB 7983-A - Bernard Collins & The Abbyssins - Leggo Beast
Clinch AB 7983-B - Licking Sticks Version
Clinch BC 1804-A - Abbysinians - Satta Me No Born Yah
Clinch BC 1804-B - Satta Sata-Yah Version
Clinch BC 3767-A - dillinger - I saw he saw
Clinch BC 3767-B - Abbysinians - satta version
Clinch BC 4056-A - Abbysinians - mabrak
Clinch BC 4056-B - Abbysinians - issat version
Clinch BC 5128-A - big youth - dreader than dread
Clinch BC 5128-B - big youth - I pray thee

Clinch CR 2850-B - Abbysinians - far away land
Clinch CR 2853-A - Abbysinians - satta massagana (give thanks)
Clinch CR 2853-B - Abbysinians - charming version
Clinch DSR 18855-A - Abbysinians - satta don
Clinch DSR 4564-A - Abbysinians - poor jason white
Clinch DSR 4564-B - poor jason white version
Clinch DSR 7893-A - Abbysinians - leggo beast
Clinch DSR 7893-B - Abbysinians - leggo beast version
Clinch MML 1373-A - Abbysinians - last days
Clinch MML 1373-B - Abbysinians - last days version
Clinch MML 2182-A - Abbysinians - decleration of rights
Clinch MML 2182-A - Prince Far I - Wisdom
Clinch MML 2184-B - Bongo Herman - Thunder Storm Pt2
Clinch MML 2403-A - Abbysinians - reason time
clintone clint 014-a meditations - babylon trap dem
clintone clint 014-b dobby all stars - babylon dub
Clintones CLS 001A - Alton Ellis - Papa
Clintones CLS 001B - Skin And Bone - Papa (Instrumental)
Clintones HIT 75-76-A Alton Ellis - Sun Of Man
Clintones HIT 75-76-B Wild Bunch - Sun Of Man
Clintones HIT 75A - Alton Ellis - Son Of Man - 7 inch - D Dobson - 1976
Clintones HIT 75B - Wild Bunch - Son Of Man Version - 7 inch - D Dobson - 1976
Clocktower Classics_XYZ 01-A_1976 Reissue] Keith Hudson - Rasta Country
Clocktower Classics_XYZ 01-B_1976 Reissue] Keith Hudson - National Anthem

Clocktower CT 0802A augustus pablo - jah light (melodica version)
Clocktower CT 0802B augustus pablo - jah light (drum & bass)
Clocktower CT 101A Delroy Wilson - Never Give Up
Clocktower CT 101B Delroy Wilson - Version
Clocktower CT 300-A_1975] Johnny Lover & Junior Byles - Ital Locks
Clocktower CT 300-B_1975] Bradsetter All Stars - Vital Drums
Clocktower CT 311A Jimmy Riley - From The Ghetto
Clocktower CT 311B The Aggravators - Ghetto Dub
Clocktower CT 312A Winston jarrett - must be a solution
Clocktower CT 312B Brad all stars - solution dub
Clocktower CT 314A The Heptones - Country Boy
Clocktower CT 314B Leroy And Family - Midtown Dub
Clocktower CT 315A Leroy Sibblis - Love Me Girl
Clocktower CT 315A The Uprising - Pestilence
Clocktower CT 315B Tower All Star - Love Me Dubwise
Clocktower CT 315B Tower All Stars - Good Version
Clocktower CT 317A Burning Spears - Traveling
Clocktower CT 317B Burning Spears - Walking
Clocktower CT 320-A_1974 Reissue] Jah Lloyd - Clocktower Station
Clocktower CT 320-B_1974 Reissue] Clocktower All Stars - Tower Dub
Clocktower CT 325A K. C. White - Freedom Time
Clocktower CT 325B Version
Clocktower CT 3756A Johnny Lover - Headcup
Clocktower CT 3756B Glen Adams - Echo
Clocktower CT 3760A Prince Capo - Ebony Eyes
Clocktower CT 3760B The Capos - Ebony Version
Clocktower CT 5002A Roy Shirley - Everybody Needs A Friend
Clocktower CT 5002B Clocktower All Star - Friend Version
Clocktower CT 604-A_1976] King Vupp - Lie Down Girl
Clocktower CT 604-B_1976] King Vupp - Lie Down Girl [Instrumental Version]
Clocktower CT 605A Naggo Morris - Flour Power
Clocktower CT 605B Naggo Morris - Dumplin Dub
Clocktower CT 628A Keen Boothe - Let Go
Clocktower CT 628B Chalmers Big Band - Let Go (Instrumental)
Clocktower CT 702A Johnny Clarke - Joshua's Word
Clocktower CT 702B The Agovators - Horn Version
Clocktower CT 711-A_1976] Johnny Clarke - Love Along With Jah
Clocktower CT 712A horace andy - you're my angel
Clocktower CT 712B king tubby & the aggrovators - jackson head dub
Clocktower CT 714A Cornell Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich Farm
Clocktower CT 714B King Tubbys & The Aggravators - Dancing Roots
Clocktower CT 715A Linval Thompson - Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
Clocktower CT 715B King Tubby & Aggrovators - A king Version
Clocktower CT 721A Cornell Campbell - The Duke Of Earl
Clocktower CT 721B King Tubbys & The Aggrovators - A Miserable Version
Clocktower CT 733A Cornell Campbell - Undying Love
Clocktower CT 733B King Tubby's & The Agrovators - This Version Can Never Die

Clocktower CT 742A Johnny Clarke - Take My Hand
Clocktower CT 742B King Tubby's & The Agrovators - Straight To Baron Boy Head
Clocktower CT 745A Jackie Edwards - Alibaba
Clocktower CT 745B King Tubby's & The Agrovators - I Trim The Barber
Cobra CB 001-A - Pat Kelly & King Sighta - Little Boy Blue_Dark Mafia
Cobra CB 001-B - Pat Kelly - To Each His Own
Collette COLD 1001-A 1978 - Jah Woosh - A So We Stay
Collette COLD 1001-B 1978 - Jah Woosh - Gemini Dub_Aquarius Dub

Collins Hits DSR AC 4274-1 1973 - Ansell Collins - Goodnight My Love Version
Collins Hits DSR AC 7660-1 1973 - Sly Dunbar - Diplomat
Combination LR 2897 RRS 1975 - Leroy Rowe - Hard Luck

Combination LR 2898 RRS 1975 - Leroy Lamomba - Hard Luck Version
Commanda Music CCL 33 159-A The Mighty Maytones & D.J. Blacka General - Hard Time
Commanda Music CCL 33 159-B Maytones All Stars - Rough Time
Commanda Music PAR 12 114-A The Mighty Maytones - Judgment Day
Commanda Music PAR 12 114-B The Mighty Maytones - Who Can't Hear Must Feel
Complex Music CP 01-A - Jah Thomas - Nice & Easy
Complex Music CP 01-B - Ras & The Mid Night Rock Players - Complex Rock
Conflict CFT 1A - Owen Gray - Rizla
Conflict CFT 1B - Chain Smokers - Rizla
Conflict CON 303-A - Trinity - Uptown Girl
Conflict CON 303-B - Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators - Channel One A Boy
Conflict COND 2000-A - Militant Barry - Idi Amin
Conflict COND 2000-B - Militant Barry - Free Black People
Conflict COND 2003-A - Militant Barry - Ambition
Conflict COND 2003-B - Militant Barry - Can't Stop Me
Congo CO 1-A - Makka Bees - Nation Fiddler

Congo CO 1-B - Makka Bees - Fire!
Connection DSR 2025-A - Anthony Johnson - Come In The Lawn
Connection DSR 2026-B - Eric Bubble - Eric Bubble Style
Connection EB 5225-A - Anthony Johnson - Say You Love Me
Connection EB 5225-B - Connection Possy - Kerin Style Dub
CONQUERER - A - Keith Hudson - Turn The Heater On
CONQUERER - B - Keith Hudson - Turn The Heater On Version
Cool Rockers Nice 102-A - Jr Brown - Rosemarie
Cool Rockers Nice 102-B - The Veterans - Peace Within

Black Jade - Contempo LP UK 1977

no can live (Bounded) (pent-up) (Trapped) ·$%"·$%& for all wicked mens!! jah light.

UK treasure.


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01 Drum Fashion
02 Dub Station
03 Hole Up You Head
04 Black Rock
05 Plague Dey-Ya
06 Virulence
07 Well Charge
08 Love, Love, Love
09 Time
10 Starliner
11 Just Me

Black Jade
JA 100

Matrix A:
JA-100-A-1K AR
Matrix B:
Producer: Black Jade
Mixer: Black Jade
Backing Band : Black Jade
Studios : Jade Studio
Engineer: Fitz Jackson
Arranged: Black Jade

Desrick Smith - Fig Tree + Version-DSL label 197X

Quiet unknown tune of a certainly one tune singer and label! Melodious late 70's reggae at it's best, with moving bass line... The singer seems a little bit tired but his lyrics are full of naturality, contemplation and thanksgiving carrying the vibes far over his fatigue!


The Riley All Stars - Concrete Dub (1976)

Song Titles:
Chalist Dub / Staga Dub / Stepping Stone Dub / Swal Field Dub / Rasta Dub
Who Is The Dub / Red Gold And Green Dub / Dread Dub / Mistry Maker Dub / Peace And Love Dub

Listen To "WHO IS THE DUB"




Year: 1976


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