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Musicism - Riding In Rhythm (1977)


Recorded & Mixed at Aquarius
Arranged by Mikie Chung & Clive Hunt
Engineers : Steven Stanley, Mervyn Williams, Carl Pitterson, Clive Hunt, Willie Lindo, Carlvin Robertson, Herman Chin Loy

Bass : Boris Gardiner, Clive Hunt, Mike Chung, Willie Lindo, Glen Brown, Val Douglas
Drums : Michael Richards, Clive Hunt, Paul Douglas
Guitars : Mike Chung, Ernest Ranglin, Carl Pitterson, Clive Hunt, Mikie Murray
Keyboards : Leslie Butler, Harold Butler, Clive Hunt, Mikie Chung, Robert Lyn, Wire Lindo, Tyrone Downie, Steven Stanley
Horns : Clive Hunt
Percussions : Mikie Chung, Steven Stanley
Background Voices : Merlene Brooks

Label : Aquarius (JA)
Cat # : ARCO LP 005

Musicism - Riding In Rhythm (1977)

Side A : Tae Kwon Do, Congo Basin, Dubbing me Softly, Village Soul, Boot Hill

Side B : Ranking Ranglin, Stop The Fuss Cuss Rust Distrust from Us at Aquarius, Floating Zepplin, Stepping On


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