B label singles (3)(4)(5)

Bamboo_BAM 21A - 1970) Freedom Singers - Give Peace A Chance
Bamboo_BAM 21B - 1970) Jackie Mittoo - In Cold Blood
Bamboo_BAM 26A - 1970) Ethiopians - Walkie Talkie
Bamboo_BAM 26B - 1970) Sound Dimension - Moan And Groan
Bamboo_BAM 28A - 1970) The Heptones - Young, Gifted And Black
Bamboo_BAM 28B - 1970) Sound Dimensions - Joy Land

Bamboo_BAM 32A - 1970) Three Tones - I'm So Proud Of You
Bamboo_BAM 32B - 1970) Three Tones - Everything We Do
Bamboo_BAM 33A - 1970) Marlene Webber - My Baby
Bamboo_BAM 33B - 1970) Brentford All Stars - You Gonna Hold Me Version
Bamboo_BAM 34A - 1970) Sound Dimension - There's A Fire Version
Bamboo_BAM 36A - 1970) Irvin Brown - Today
Bamboo_BAM 36B - 1970) Sound Dimension - Colour Him Black
Bamboo_BAM 38A - 1970) Ethiopians - You'll Want To Come Back
Bamboo_BAM 38B - 1970) Sound Dimension - Baby Why Version
Bamboo_BAM 39A - 1970) The Heptones - Young Generation
Bamboo_BAM 40A - 1970) Bob And Marcia - Always Together
Bamboo_BAM 40B - 1970) Bob Andy - Desperate Lover
Bamboo_BAM 42B - 1970) Sound Dimensions - Joy Land
Bamboo_BAM 43A - 1970) Heptones - Message From A Black Man
Bamboo_BAM 43B - 1970) Sound Dimension - Jamaica Underground
Bamboo_BAM 49A - 1970) John Holt - Do You Love Me
Bamboo_BAM 49B - 1970) John And The Sound Dimensions - Do You Love (Version)
Bamboo_BAM 52A - 1970) Larry Marshall & Enid Cumberland - Man From Galilee
Bamboo_BAM 52B - 1970) Brother Marshall - It Soon Be Done
Bamboo_BAM 54B - 1969) Sound Dimension - Great Mu Ga Ru Ga
Bamboo_BAM 56A - 1970) Dennis Brown - Love Grows
Bamboo_BAM 56B - 1970) Sound Dimension - Less Problem
Bamboo_BAM 58A - 1970) Irvin Brown - I'm Still Around
Bamboo_BAM 58B - 1970) Irvin Brown - Run Come
Bamboo_BAM 61A - 1970) Irving Brown - Let's Make It Up
Bamboo_BAM 61B - 1970) Burning Spear - Free
Bamboo_BAM 62B - 1971) John Holt - Do You Want Me
Bamboo_BAM 69B - 1972) Jon Condo - When We Were Children

Banana_BA 310-A_1970] Owen Right - Wala Wala
Banana_BA 310-B_1970] Jerry & The Freedom Singers - Got To Be Sure

Banana_BA 328-A_1971] The Inn-Keepers - Duppy Serenade
Banana_BA 328-B_1971] Dennis Alcapone - Sunshine Version
Bank - Ethnic Fight - EF 066-A - 1976] Barrington Spence - Falling In Love For The First Time
Bank - Ethnic Fight - EF 066-B - 1976] Barrington Spence - Falling Dub

Bar Bell 6090A - Cornell Campbell - Wherever I Lay My Head
Bar Bell 6091B - Tubby's Agrovators - Wherever

Bar Bell RS 7668A - Cornell Campbell - I Gotta Keep On Running
Bar Bell RS 7668B - King Tubbys & The Agrovators - A Running Version
Bar Bell_MIC 2300-B_1975] I Roy - Straight To Prince Jazzbo's Head Version
Bar Bell_MICRON 6092 RRS_1975] Johnny Clarke - Do You Love Me
Bar Bell_MICRON 6093 RRS_1975] King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Do You Love
Bards Records CT630 - A - Ken Boothe - Leaving Me
Bards Records CT630 - B - Now Generation - Leaving Version

SHOT!! 3

Barrys Hide Out - BJ3809A - Stanley & The Turbines - Weeping Slave
Barrys Hide Out - BJ3809B - Barrys All Stars - Belinda
BB Inc_RE BBInc 1555-B_1973] BB Inc All Stars - Section 2
BB Inc_RE BBInc 1886-A_1973] The Ethiopians - Big Splish Splash
BB Records_BB 0021-A_1977] Bill Campbell & Ginger Williams - Forever Forever
BB Records_BB 0021-B_1977] Bill Campbell - Forever [Instrumental]
BB Records_SB 0027-A Brother Bill Sister Pat Campbell - You're Gonna Get Next To Me
BB Records_SB 0027-B Bill Campbell & Tan Tan - Instrumental
BB Records_SB 009-A Honey Boy - Is My Love Too Late
BB Records_SB 009-B Honey Boy - This Love - Version
BB Records_SB 013-A_1975] The Velvet Shadow - My Happiness Depending On You
BB Records_SB 013-B_1975] The Velvet Shadow - Winey Winey
beardie bd 500a - johnny osbourne^papa tullo - lend me yu chapper
beardie bd 500b - johnny osbourne - angel in my arms
bebo international debo 63a - hugh griffith^sassa frast - i am coming home^dober man style
bebo international debo 63b - revolutionary - rub a dub style
BEBO'S - - Al Campbell - Them A Twang - 12 inch - B Philips - 1984
bebo's music bebo 84-a michael palmer - rip off
bebo's music bebo 84-b taxi gang - version
Bebo's Music DSR 4574A - Lone Ranger - Learn To Drive
Bebo's Music DSR 4575B - Version
Bebo's Music DSR 4720A - Puddy Roots - Free Mandella
Bebo's Music DSR 4721B - Version
Bebo's Music DSR 9189A - Patrick Andy - Special Arrangement
Bebo's Music DSR 9190B - Version
Bell_BLL 1180-A_1971] The Piglets - Johnny Reggae
Bell_BLL 1180-B_1971] The Piglets - Backing Track
Bellaphon BF18690 A - Dillinger - Cornbread
Bellaphon BF18690 B - Dread Call Fred

SHOT!! 4

belleville hill bel 703-a rod taylor - knocking on jah door
belleville hill bel 703-b rod taylor - africa dub
belleville hill bel 705-a u brown - weather balloon
belleville hill bel 705-b u brown - weather balloon version
belleville hill bel 707-a lone ranger - step it inna africa
belleville hill bel 707-b lone ranger - step it inna africa version
belleville hill bel 713-a rod taylor - your love
belleville hill bel 713-b private tabby - no worry yourself
belleville hill bel 715-a welton irie - mr hornsman
belleville hill bel 715-b welton irie - mr hornsman version
belleville hill bel 717-A_1979 Reissue] U Brown - Stop Your Bouncing
belleville hill bel 717-B_1979 Reissue] U Brown - Jam It Tonight
Belleville Int BEL 723A - Cornel Campbell - Mister Officer
Belleville Int BEL 723B - D-Fact Crew - Version
Belmont 1448-A] Errol Scorcher - DJ Spirit
Belmont 1449-B] Errol Scorcher - Spirit Version
Belmont 1874-B_1979] The Mighty Two - Ten Years Late Version
Belmont 1924-A_1979] Tall Dread [Prince Mohammed] - Ten Years Late

Belmont 2360-A] Little Joe - Dreadlocks Party
Belmont 2361-B] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Dread Locks Affair

Belmont 2603-A - Leo Graham - A Win Them
Belmont 2603-B - Mighty Two - The Winner

Belmont 2821-A_1976] The Ethiopians - Band Your Belly
Belmont 2822-B_1976] The Mighty Two - Belly Solution
Belmont 2950-A_1975] Big Joe - Up Park Ranking
Belmont 2950-B_1975] Mighty Two - Natty Dread A Curnal
Belmont 4062-A - Trinity - Jamaican Dollar
Belmont 4063-B - The Mighty Two - Dollars And Cents
Belmont 4085-A_1982] J.C. Lodge - Someone Loves You Honey
Belmont 4085-B_1982] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Want You To Be My Bride
Belmont 4098-A_1981] Joe Tex & U Black - Batman And Robin
Belmont 4098-B_1981] Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Bat Rock
Belmont 4154-A_1977] trinity - john saw them coming
Belmont 4155-B_1977] joe gibbs & the professionals - roots kunta kintye

SHOT 5!!

Jacob Miller - Forward Ever.-The Gladiators - Pocket Money.-Winston Hart - Slaves Made Them Rich 12"

by legendary rasdragon.
thanks a lot.
my best wishes.

Jam Sounds DD DISCO 001-A Jacob Miller - Forward Ever

Jam Sounds DD DISCO 001-B Ras Star - Free Up Your Self


TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-A The Gladiators - Pocket Money~Money Version
TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-B The Gladiators - Evil Doers
TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-BB Prince Tony - Version


Rose Royce RR 0001-A Winston Hart - Slaves Made Them Rich

Rose Royce RR 0001-B Ital Groove - Slave Dub


VA - Reggae Bloodlines 2

01 - Althea & Donna - Gone To Negril
02 - Junior Tucker - Happiness
03 - Toots & The Maytals - Image Get A Lick
04 - David Jah Son - Clean Head Dread
05 - Desi Roots - School Tonight
06 - Jacob Miller - Standing Firm
07 - Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - Georges Lane
08 - Dillinger - Celebrate 78
09 - Paul Davidson - Big Surprise
10 - Dean 'Youth Sax' Fraser - Take It All
00 - Various - Reggae Bloodlines 2


VA - Rockers All-Star Explosion Alligator LP #AL 8310 (1985)Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, DJ, solo vocal

Playlist :
Augustus Pablo - Jah In The Hills
Jah Bull - What A Tribulation
Sister Frica - One In The Spirit
Asher & Trimble - Humble Yourselves
Tetrack - Love And Unity
Junior Delgado - Away
Ricky Grant - Freedom Sounds
Augustus Pablo - Straight To Ethiopia
Delroy Williams - Your Mind (Extended Dub Mix)
Norris Reid - Black Forces

Producer : Augustus Pablo
Arranger : Augustus Pablo

Engineer : Barnabas & Sylvan Morris

Drums : Albert Malawi & Horsemouth Wallace & Tad Dawkins
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Michael Taylor & Junior Dan
Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar : Fazal Prendergast & C. Downey
Piano : Augustus Pablo
Organ : Augustus Pablo
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Melodica : Augustus Pablo
Xylophone : Augustus Pablo
Kalimba : Augustus Pablo

Studios :
Recording : Black Ark (Kingston, JA) & Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)

General Information
Type.................: Music
File Validation......: SFV
Rip or Image.........: Rip
Burn Tested..........: Yes

Artist...............: Various
Album................: Rockers All-Star Explosion
Label................: Alligator
Year.................: 1985
Genre................: Reggae
Duration.............: 37:07
Number of Songs......: 10
Cover(s) Included....: Yes

Audio Format.........: MP3
Ripper...............: Sound Forge
Encoder..............: LAME 3.93 MMX
Bitrate..............: 320 - VBR
Hz...................: 44,100
Channels.............: Stereo
Reader...............: Stanton Str8-80/Ortofon OMB-10 Pro S/Soundblaster Live
Source...............: Vinyl

Post Information
Posted by............: Rasdragon
Poster URL...........: Struggling Thru Babylon
Posted on............: 04/11/2010
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Release Notes
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VA - Gordy's Tommy Skataro's Rocksteady

no cover
DJ Greedy G (Gordon Robertson) also gordy's compil HERE.
thanks to he.

listen to all that are to kill you.

01-Stephen Cheng-Always Together

02-The Progressions-Are You Ready

03-Johnny & The Attractions-Let's Get Together

04-Don Henry-As Long As I Live

05-The Harmonians-Be My Queen

06-The Zodiacs-Walk On By

07-Monty & The Cyclones-Summertime

08-The Valentines-Stop The Violence

09-Baba Brooks-Toast To James Bond

10-Lloyd & Glen-No More Trouble

11-Johnny & The Attractions-Call Of The Drums

12-Lloyd & Glen-Rudies Give Up

13-Prince Buster-Kiss You Again

14-Peter Tosh & The Wailers-Them Haffi Get A Beatin

15-Charlie Organaire-Rude Boy Charlie

16-Dawn Penn-I Don't Miss You
17-Prince Buster-Black Man Must Be Free

18-The Cavaliers-Blue Ska

19-Glen Adams-Hold Him Joe

20-Dawn Penn-Blue Yes Blue

21-Johnny & The Attractions-Close My Heart

22-The Hiltonaires-Ethiopia

23-Roy Panton-Endless Memory

24-The Progressions-Fair Deal

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V.A. - Forward Reggae Vol 1 JALP 001 (197x)

Jama LP #JALP 001 197X
Record date : 197X

Album style : roots, DJ, solo vocal, group vocal

Playlist :
I Roy - Welding
Junior Byles - Fade Away
Jimmy London - What Good Am I

Delroy Wilson - Come Softly
The Mighty Diamonds - Hey Girl
Ronnie Davis - Without You In My Life
Jimmy London - I'am Your Puppet
Rad Bryan - Rock Children
Tyrone Taylor - Hurt Me
Ronnie Davis - Stay A Little Bit Longer
Keith Poppin - Love Affairs
Norman T. Washington - Something Strange

thanks rasdragon
blessed love for the earht


Mighty Diamonds - Jail House / Version (7")

Mighty Diamonds - Jail House


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