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choo!! dread!.

Jacob Miller - Forward Ever.-The Gladiators - Pocket Money.-Winston Hart - Slaves Made Them Rich 12"

by legendary rasdragon.
thanks a lot.
my best wishes.

Jam Sounds DD DISCO 001-A Jacob Miller - Forward Ever

Jam Sounds DD DISCO 001-B Ras Star - Free Up Your Self


TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-A The Gladiators - Pocket Money~Money Version
TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-B The Gladiators - Evil Doers
TR Groovemaster PRINCETONY 1492-BB Prince Tony - Version


Rose Royce RR 0001-A Winston Hart - Slaves Made Them Rich

Rose Royce RR 0001-B Ital Groove - Slave Dub


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  1. high quality, love the b-sides !
    never heard them before!


    btw the layout of the blog gets cleaner, that´s good!