ras dragon singles part 00 and 01


Affection AFF-01-A Bridie Stewart - Can't Let You Go
African Museum DSR 3388-A Gregory Isaacs - Top Ten
African Museum DSR 3389-B Version
Anchor DSR-9084-A Krystal - All Around The World
Anchor DSR-9084-B Version
Bucktu BT-45-1001-A Truths & Rights - Acid Rain
Bucktu BT-45-1001-B Truths & Rights - Live Up
D.D.Soulking 4311-54-A Steve Golding - Strickly Rock Christmas
D.D.Soulking 4311-54-B Hortense Ellis - 1.2.3.Look At Mr.Lee
D.E.L.Music DSR 5470-A Micheal Forbes - My One Time Girl Friend
D.E.L.Music DSR 5471-B P.Black, Gibby, Santa, T.Chin & D.Downie - Power Plus
Freedom Sounds BB 3110-A Earl Zero - Get Happy
Freedom Sounds BB 3111-B Happiness Version

Gee's GEE 1051-A Astley Scott - Employment Line
Gee's GEE 1051-B Employment Version
Greedy Puppy DSR 6792-A The Pearls - Duke Street
Greedy Puppy DSR 6793-B So Sweet Version
Half Moon HFS8-1002-A Winston Dice & Super 8 Corperation - Serocie
Half Moon HFS8-1002-B Super 8 Corperation - Serocie Version
High Note no matrix-A Delano Stewert - That's Life
High Note no matrix-B Delano Stewert - Stay A Little Bit Longer

Jaguar DSR 1217-A Ken Boothe - Got To Tell You Goodbye
Jaguar DSR 1217-B Mafia & Fluxy & Aggrovators - Version
Jaguar DSR 1295-A Ken Boothe - My Heart Is Gone
Jaguar DSR 1295-B Mafia & Fluxy & The Aggrovators - Version
Jaguar DSR 183-A Ken Boothe - So Much Love
Jaguar DSR 183-B Mafia & Fluxy & The Aggrovators - Version
Jaguar DSR 625-A Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine
Jaguar DSR 625-B Mafia & Fluxy - Version
Jammy's DSR 11-A Tenor Senior - Yu Hole Good
Jammy's DSR 12-B Version
Jammy's DSR 18897-A Queen Paula & Lady Mackeral - True Love
Jammy's DSR 18897-B Version~Money Money
Jammy's DSR 22252-A Gregory Isaacs - Why
Jammy's DSR 22252-B Version~Hucks
Jammy's DSR 2698-A Jack Radics - Special Occasion
Jammy's DSR 2698-B Version
Jammy's DSR 3048-A Admiral Bailey - Original Dela Move
Jammy's DSR 3048-B Version
Joe Gibbs FJG-7802-A Nagoo Morris - Su Su Pon Rasta
Joe Gibbs FJG-7802-B Version

Junjo & Volcano DSR 3198-A Leroy Smart - God Heart
Junjo & Volcano DSR 3199-B Version
Junjo & Volcano DSR 4565-A Pliers & Chaka Demus - Smile
Junjo & Volcano DSR 4565-B Version
Lion FLW 7960-A Leon Wint - When Your Down
Lion FLW 7960-B Leon Wint - Sunbeam Rock
Monica's Records RG-76-4-A Cornell Campbell - Watch The Sound
Monica's Records RG-76-4-B King Tubbys - Version
Music Master DSR 3286-A Night Rider - Bad Boy Wadat
Music Master DSR 3286-B Version
Oneness DSR 7252-A Jimmy Cliff - Under Pressure
Oneness DSR 7253-B Version
Parks 4007-A Lloyd Parks - Everybody Needs Somebody
Parks 4007-A We The People Band - Everybody Version
Penguin PEN 10-A Barrington Spence - Natty Dread Have Wisdom
Penguin PEN 10-B Drum Slide-Version
Photographer DSR-SS-98-A Carl Meeks - Who A Tell The Tale
Photographer DSR-SS-98-B Version
Pioneer 011-A Methu Selah - All Night Till Daylight (Night Shift)
Pioneer 011-B Methu Selah - Night Shift (Version)
Prophet's Studio B DSR 7551-A Linval Thompson - Sukumaka
Prophet's Studio B DSR 7552-B Version
Revolutionary Sounds no matrix-A Trammie & Marquis - I.M.F.
Revolutionary Sounds no matrix-B Version~I.M.F.
S&WSK SW-10-A Alrick Carter - Fire Army Band
S&WSK SW-10-B Alrick At The Controls - Version
See Me Yah Records 15-A Larry Marshall - Captivity
See Me Yah Records 15-B Version
Sounds United DSR 5118-A Mikey & The D.J. - Fight Together
Sounds United DSR 5119-B Fight Together Version
Stereo One DSR-4473-A Singing Corporal - Golden Touch
Studio One SC 139-A The Royals - Pick Up The Pieces
Studio One SC 139-B Sound Dimension - Pick Up (Ver.)
Studio One SO-0091-A Sugar Minott - Oh Mr. D.C.
Studio One SO-0091-B Sugar & Soul Bros. - D.C. Pt.2
Superstar SS 001-A Jamnowgen - Jungle Juk (T.S.O.P.)
Superstar SS 001-B Jamnowgen - The Gang Goes To Dub It
Syndicate no matrix-A Dennis Brown - Things In Life
Techniques DSR-3280-A Carl Dawkins - Satisfaction
Techniques no matrix-A Carl Dawkins - Baby I Love You
Techniques WR-1065-A The Sensations - Those Guys
Techniques WR-1065-B Unknown - Ready Or Not
Third World Vibration DSR 4342-A The Clarkestars (Revolutionary) - Never Gonna Give Up
Third World Vibration DSR 4343-B The Clarkestars (Revolutionary) - Must Wear My Crown
Timbrell PRS-077-A Delano Stewart - Heart Of Stone
Timbrell PRS-077-B J.R.M. Orch. - Rock Stone
Well Charge 2869-A Earth & Stone - Jah Will Cut You Down
Wildflower HJ-001-A Stallictite - Beware Of Yourself
Yard Y-001-A Winston Clark - Life In The Ghetto
Yard Y-001-B Ishan - Ghetto Style

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Music Master DSR 4341-B Version
Music Master DSR 8395-A King Everald - King Of The Road
Music Master DSR 8396-B Version
Music Master DSR A2409-A Daddy Life - Face A Badda Me
Music Master DSR A2410-B Version
Music Works DSR 2653-A Hugh Brown - Love We Need
Music Works DSR 2654-B Version
Romantic DSR 3203-A Jah Screw - Jumping Skaddy
Romantic DSR 3203-B Version
Stereo One DSR 2015-A Little John - Run Run
Stereo One DSR 2015-B Version
Tappa GGTM 139-A - Dean Frazer, Sly Dunbar & Clive Hunt - Out On Bail
Tappa GGTM 139-B Acapella
Tappa MML 162-A Max Romeo - The Clock
Tappa MML 162-B Death Trap
Taxi TAXI 010-A Ini Kamouse - England Be Nice
Taxi TAXI 010-B Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang - Be Nice
Thrillseekers A1-A Carlton Livingston - You Lie
Thrillseekers A1-B Version
Uhuru NO 004-A Yvette Grant - Your My Life
Uhuru NO 004-B Version
Ujama DSR 00753-A Horace Furguson - Leave Babylon
Ujama DSR 00753-B Winston Wright - Leave Babylon
Vena DSR 1349-A Triston Palmer - Who's That Girl
Vena DSR 1349-B Version
Volcano RMM-26-A J.J.Denton - Poor We Africans
Volcano RMM-26-B Version
Waterhouse DSR 8600-A Sassafrass - Bum U Saddle
Waterhouse DSR 8600-B Version

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SHOT!! 4

Aggrovators - Rockers Almighty Dub [Clocktower LP # 1979]

Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, dancehall, dub

Playlist :
The Aggrovators - Rockers Almighty Dub
The Aggrovators - Dunza Dub
The Revolutionaries - Storm And Lightning
The Aggrovators - Something Nice 'bout Da Dub
The Aggrovators - I And I Land
The Aggrovators - Ten Pieces In One
The Revolutionaries - Freedom Joy Dub
The Revolutionaries - Upful And Positive Dread

The Aggrovators - Hold This Dub
The Aggrovators - 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus

Mixing Engineer : Ossie Hibbert & Pat Kelly & Prince Douglas & Brad Osbourne

Producer : Brad Osbourne

Backing Band : The Revolutionaries & The Aggrovators
Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar
Bass : Family Man & Bagga Walker & Robbie Shakespeare
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin & Family Man
Organ : Ossie Hibbert
Piano : Bernard Touter Harvey & Augustus Pablo

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA) & Wackie's (New York, USA)


Aggrovators - Jammies In Lion Dub Style [Live And Love LP #LAP 004 1978]

Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
No Bribe
Jammie In The Arena
Black Trap

The Big Apple
Rough Voyage
Uhro Express
King Forever
Tiger Dub
Mystic Feeling

Arranger : Prince Jammy
Producer : Bunny Lee

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Santa Davis & Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Chinna
Organ : Winston Wright
Piano : Keith Sterling
Harpsicord : The Aggrovators
Clavinet : Winston Wright

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Aggrovators - Rasta Dub '77 [Micron LP #none 1977]

Record date : 1977

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Wireites Dub

Gunfight At O.K. Coral Dub
The Diplomat Dub
Black Tse Tung Dub
Eternal Dub
Quake A Setter Dub
Have Hit I Will Version Dub
Quake A Talent Dub
Revolution Dub
Flesh Axe Dub

Engineer : Ronald Logan

Producer : Pete Weston

Drums : Anthony Benbow Creary
Guitar : Tony Chin & Michael Chung
Organ : Geoffrey Chung
Electric Piano : Geoffrey Chung
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis
Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Congas : Pete Weston

Studios :
Recording : Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA)


Aggrovators - Meets Revolutionaries At Channel One [Third World LP #TWS 900 1977]

Record date : 1977

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
The Revolutionaries - The Conqueror

The Revolutionaries - The Mighty Gorgon
The Revolutionaries - Bionic Man
The Revolutionaries - Seven Million Dollar Man
The Revolutionaries - Big Foot
The Aggrovators - Ethiopians Rock
The Aggrovators - The Dark Destroyer
The Aggrovators - Special Brew
The Aggrovators - Super Larger
The Aggrovators - Russian Stout
The Aggrovators - Shub-Inn

Producer : Bunny Lee

Backing Band : The Aggrovators & The Revolutionaries
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Carlton Davis
Bass : Lloyd Parks & Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar : Rad Bryan & Earl Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar : Boofa & Tony Chin
Organ : Jackie Mittoo & Ansel Collins
Piano : Ossie Hibbert & Bernard Touter Harvey & Johnny Clarke
Horns : Bobby Ellis & Lester Sterling & Val Bennett & Tommy McCook & Rolando Alphonso
Percussions : Barnabas & Skully

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Aggrovators - Meet Revolutionaries Part 2 [Micron LP #MICCAN 005 1977]

Record date : 197X

Album style : dub, roots

Playlist :
Jah Forgive

Simmer Down
Channel One
Peace & Love
War In The Jungle
Jah Forgive Dub
Simmer Down Dub
Channel One Dub
Peace & Love Dub
War In The Jungle Dub

Producer : Bunny Lee

Backing Band : The Agrovators
Drums : Santa Davis & Carlton Barrett & Benbow
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare & Fully Fullwood
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin & Aston Barrett & Brother Bogga
Lead Guitar : Earl Chinna Smith
Organ : Brother Ian & Ossie Bongo
Piano : Touter Harvey


Aggrovators - Reggae Stones Dub [Abraham LP # 1976]

Abraham LP # 1976
Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Dread Dub
Head Of Dub

Forgive Me Dub
My Angel Dub
Sounds Of Dub
Rock Steady Dub
This Dub Is Ready
Nice Dub
Jennies Dub
Touch Of Dub
Missing You Dub
Dub Of Pain

Producer : Brad Osbourne

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Santa Davis
Bass : Family Man & Robbie & Bagga Walker
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin
Piano : Augustus Pablo & Touter Harvey
Organ : Ossie Bongo & Augustus Pablo
Drums Programming : Sly

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)


Aggrovators - Rasta Dub ' 76 [Grounation LP #GROL 507 1976]

Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
None Shall Escape Dub
Fatty Boom Boom Dub
Dread Locks Bald Head Dub
Two Face Rasta Dub
Tradition Dub
Take My Hand Dub
Hold On Dub

Ja Ja In De Dub
Ites Gold Green Dub
No Woman No Cry Dub
Small Axe Dub
If You Should Loose Me Dub

Mixing Engineer : Phillip Smart

Producer : Bunny Lee

Studios :
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Aggrovators - Shalom Dub [Justice Basement LP #BSMT 002 1975]

Record date : 1975

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Natty Dub
Lee's Dub
Wonder Why Dub
I'm Gone Dub
Country Boy Dub
True Believer Dub
Care Free Dub
Rasta Train Dub
Move Out Of Babylon Dub
Give A Little Man A Great Big Hand Dub
Feel So Good Dub
For The Rest Of My Life Dub
Whan I Will Find My Way Dub
I'm Leaving Dub
Feel Lost Dub

Dawn Dub

Recording Engineer : Sid Bucknor & Sylvan Morris
Mixing Engineer : King Tubby & Prince Jammy & Professor

Producer : Bunny Lee

Backing Band : The Aggrovators
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA)


Abyssinians - Forward [Alligator LP #AL 8305 1982]

Record date : 1969-76

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Forward Jah
This Is Not The End
Satta Massagana

Forward Onto Zion
Praise Him
Peculiar Number
Peculiar Dub

Producer : Clive Hunt

Engineer : Errol Thompson & Sylvan Morris

Vocals : The Abyssinians
Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Devon Richardson & Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis & Boo Richards
Bass : Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Jah Jerry & Eric Fratter & Bingy Bunny & Tony Chin & Chinna & Carlton Manning
Keyboards : Pablo Black & Robert Lynn & Richard Ace & Ossie Hibbert & Bubbler & Wire Lindo
Flute : Glen Da Costa
Horns : Jerome Francique & Clive Hunt & H. Chang
Trumpet : Bobby Ellis & David Madden
Alto Saxophone : Herman Marquis & Deadly Headly
Tenor Saxophone : Dirty Harry
Trombone : Vin Gordon
Percussions : Bongo Herman & Ruddy Thomas & Scully Simms

Studios :
Recording : Studio 1 (Kingston, JA) & Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)


Abyssinians - Arise [Virgin LP #FL 1019 1978]

Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Oh Lord
This Land Is For Everyone

Mightiest Of All
Wicked Men
Jah Loves
Dem A Come
South African Enlistment
Hey You
Let My Days Be Long

Producer : Bernard Collins & Linford Manning & Donald Manning

Mixing Engineer : Boris Gardiner & Errol Thompson

Vocals : The Abyssinians
Drums : Sly Dunbar & Devon Richardson & Santa Davis
Bass : Lloyd Parks & George Fullwood & Robbie Shakespeare
Guitar : Jah Jerry & Bo-Peep Bowen & Earl Chinna Smith
Rhythm Guitar : Tony Chin
Keyboards : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Organ : Carlton Manning
Piano : Pablo Black & Michael Cooper
Flute : Tommy McCook
Trumpet : Vivian Hall & Bobby Ellis
Alto Saxophone : Herman Marquis
Tenor Saxophone : Tommy McCook & Glen Da Costa
Tambourine : Cedric Im Brooks
Funde : Ras Jawbone
Percussions : Bongo Herman

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Dynamic Sounds (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Aquarius (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)

Abyssinians - Forward On To Zion [Different LP #GET L 100 1978]

Different LP #GET L 100 1978

Playlist :
Declaration Of Rights
Good Lord
Forward On To Zion
Know Jah Today
Yi Mas Gan
Black Man Strain

I And I
Africa Race


A. Doeman - 1982 - Natty Result [I&I LP # 1982]

Record date : 1982

Playlist :
You Pay Less
Don't Wheel And Turn I

I And I With Heavy Load
Come With Love
Rastaman Version
Trust And Obey
Read Up Your Bible
Shout It Out
Things I Used To Do

Vocals : A. Doeman


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