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Carroll Thompson - Carroll Thompson (1982)

Record date : 1982

Album style : lovers, solo vocal

Playlist :
World Of Love
A Happy Song
Stay With Me Tonight
Music (It Will Never Die)
Just A Little Bit
Hoping On Love
Dreams Of You
Your Love

Arranger : Alan Weeks & Carroll Thompson & Barry Vincent & Joel Oliver
Producer : Carroll Thompson

Mixing Engineer : Stuart Breed
Engineer : Mark Stephenson & Mark Angelo

Vocals : Carroll Thompson
Backing Vocals : Carroll Thompson & Cleveland Watkis & Karen Wheeler
Drums : Kenrick Rowe & Drummie Zeb & Timmie
Bass : Tony Gad & Courtney Carr & Ras Elroy
Guitar : Joel Oliver & Alan Weeks & Barry Vincent
Piano : Barry Vincent & Ras Ojamba & Jackie Mittoo
Synthesiser : Jackie Mittoo & Chris Hodges
Organ : Jackie Mittoo
Horns : Michael Bami Rose & Ray Carless & Henry Matx
Percussions : Jah Lenny
Horns Arranger : Alan Weeks & Barry Vincent
Congas : Jah Lenny

Studios :
Recording : Mark Angelo (London, UK) & Easy Street (London, UK)
Mixing : Easy Street (London, UK)

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