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V.A. - Winston Riley Dancehall Techniques (1986-91)

01.Intro — Fuzzy Jones
02.Bad Boys — Courtney Melody
03.A Fi Fly Out — Daddy Lizard
04.No Call Me John Boops — Michael Prophet
05.Boops — Super Cat
06.Leave People Business — Admiral Tibet
07.Gunman Lyrics — Cutty Ranks
08.Sunshine Day-- Pliers
09.Ital Jockey-- Johnny P
10.Hic Up — Gregory Isaacs & Tiger
11.Hol A Fresh — Red Dragon
12.Bill A Spliff — Flourgon
13.So Good To Me — Courtney Melody
14.Nowadays Girls — Super Black
15.Out A Hand — Cutty Ranks
16.Co-Unoh — Reggie Stepper featuring Fuzzy Jones
17.Ring The Alarm Quick — Tenor Saw & Buju Banton
18.Yu Body Good — Red Dragon

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