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Aswad - Hulet [Grove Music LP #GMLP 6 1979]

Record date : 1979

Album style : roots, solo vocal, group vocal

Playlist :
Sons Of Criminals
Judgement Day

Not Guilty
Can't Walk The Street
Playing Games

Producer : Aswad & Michael Campbell (UK)

Mixing Engineer : Michael Campbell (UK)

Vocals : Tony Gad & Brinsley Dan & Drummie Zeb & Donald Benjamin
Backing Vocals : Donald Benjamin & Tony Gad & Drummie Zeb
Drums : Drummie Zeb
Bass : Ras Levi
Lead Guitar : Donald Benjamin & Brinsley Dan
Rhythm Guitar : Brinsley Dan
Piano : Tony Gad
Synthesiser : Tony Gad
Organ : Tony Gad
Percussions : Tony Gad & Brinsley Dan & Drummie Zeb & Donald Benjamin & Ras Levi
Repeater : Ras Levi
Bass Drum : Ras Levi
Bell Tree : Ras Levi
Acoustic Guitar : Donald Benjamin

Studios :
Recording : Music Works (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Music Works (Kingston, JA)


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