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Peter Chemist - Dub Prescription

Kingdom LP #KVL 9018 1984
Tamoki Wambesi LP #TWLP 1060 198X
Record date : 1984

Album style : dancehall, dub

Playlist :
Ital Juice Dub
Jah Dub
Spliff Dub
Rice & Peas Dub
Level Vibes Dub
Red Stripe Dub
Ackee & Saltfish Dub
Rum & Cola Dub
Good Woman Dub
Roots Dub

Mixing Engineer : Peter Chemist

Producer : Roy Cousins

Drums : Horsemouth Wallace & Style Scott
Bass : Professor Larry & Flabba Holt
Guitar : Dwight Pickney & Tonic
Piano : Steele

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Harry J (Kingston, JA)


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