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The Gladiators - Proverbial Reggae --- Virgin LP #FL 1002 1978

Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, group vocal

Playlist :
Jah Works

The Best Thing In Life

Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
Fly Away

Marvel Not
Stick A Bush
Stop Before You Go

Can You Imagine How I Feel

We'll Find The Blessing
Music Makers From Jamaica

Producer : Tony Robinson

Mixing Engineer : Errol Thompson

Vocals : The Gladiators & Clinton Fearon & Gallimore Sutherland & Albert Griffiths
Backing Vocals : The Gladiators
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Clinton Fearon
Rhythm Guitar : Gallimore Sutherland
Lead Guitar : Albert Griffiths
Keyboards : Ansel Collins
Synthesiser : Wire Lindo
Percussions : Sticky

Studios :
Recording : Harry J (Kingston, JA) & Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)



Tech stuff:

The LP was recorded in 24 bit/88.2 kHz and downsampled to 44.1 kHz
after fixes.

A good Virgin 70s pressing, by monitoring the recording in phones,
only 10 very small clicks and 2 somewhat louder ones were detected.
These were manually removed so that no further de-clicking was needed.

Album normalized as a whole but not limited, probably making this
sound a whole lot quieter than the reissue cd. But use the volume and
be rewarded by getting the superior dynamic range of vinyl! (Stupid,
isn't it - technically the CD format have a superior dynamic range
but then the industry settles for heavy limiting and thus offsets the
only aspect where CDs had the upper hand...)

Encoded as VBR files at 224 Kb/s and extending to 320 when needed.
Seemingly consisting of two distinct sessions, some tracks on the LP
share a common dull sound while another batch is quite crisp.
The chosen bitrate should do the job just fine in both cases.


Signal path:

Dynavector Karat 17D2 Mk II moving coil cartridge >
Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace turntable/Space tonearm >
LC Audio Sidewinder Mk II reference preamplifier >
Supra EFF-I interconnects >
RME DIGI96/8 PST soundcard >
Sound Forge 6.0 editor, using plugins from Sonic Foundry & Waves >
LAME 3.93 MP3 encoder with RazorLame interface

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