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b label singles (15)(16)

Black Roots BR 03-A Sugar Minott & Papa Honey - You've Lost It
Black Roots BR 03-B Black Roots Players - Loving Dub

Black Roots BR 013A Sugar Minott & Ital Groove - My Whole World
Black Roots BR 013B Ital Groove - World Wide Dub
Black Roots BR 014A - Ranking Dread - Super Star
Black Roots BR 014-A Sugar Minott - I Wanna Be With Jah
Black Roots BR 014B - 'Version'
Black Roots BR 014-B Black Roots Players - Wanna Be With Jah Pt.2

Black Roots BR 20A - Jackie Mittoo - These Eyes - 12 inch - J Mittoo - 1981
Black Roots BR 20B1 - Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street 1981 - 12 inch - J Mittoo - 1981

Black Roots BR 20B2 - Jackie Mittoo - Thriller The Killer 1981 - 12 inch - J Mittoo - 1981
Black Roots BR 024A - Junior Roots - Natty Dread Time
Black Roots BR 024B - Black Trap - Into The Light

Black Roots BR 025A r. emanuel & r. simeon - never get jah (1981)
Black Roots BR 025b r. emanuel & r. simeon - jah is my light (1981)
Black Roots BR 032A - Sugar Minott - Careless Ethiopian - 12 inch - K Robb - 1982
Black Roots BR 032B - Sugar Minott - House Of God - 12 inch - K Robb - 1982

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Black Roots BR 034A - Ranking Tayan, Sly & Robbie - Trod Along
Black Roots BR 034B - Ranking Tayan - Cassette & Tape
Black Roots BR 035A - Lui Lepki^Angus Tony Rhythm Section - Lepkie Style
Black Roots BR 035B - Version

Black Roots BR 036A naggo morris - a true them no know
Black Roots BR 036B ashanti waugh - africa

Black Roots BR 181261A - Sugar Minott - Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely - 12 inch - L Minnott - 1984
Black Roots BR 181261B - Sugar Minott - Sing A Happy Song - 12 inch - L Minnott - 1984
Black Roots BR 2016 - A - African Brothers - Righteous Kingdom
Black Roots BR 2016 - B - Version
Black Roots BR 20255A - Sugar Minott - The Girl Is In Love
Black Roots BR 20255B - Sugar Minott - Have You Ever Found A Love
Black Roots BR 5145A - Michael Palmer - Have Got A Problem Baby
Black Roots BR 5145B - Sly & Robbie - Version

Black Roots BR-001-A] Sugar Minott - Lovers Rock
Black Roots BR-01-B] Corner Shot - Lovers Delight

Black Roots W-717-A Sugar Minott & John Wayne - Jamming In The Street
Black Roots W-717-B Black Roots Players - Jamming
Black Roots YP 002-A Sugar Minott - Do It Sweet
Black Roots YP 002-B Version
Black Rose DML 58015-A Jimmy Riley - It's So Ridiculous
Black Rose DML 58015-B The Revolutionaries - Behave Dubwise

Black Scorpio - DSR 5437A - King Kong - Niceness
Black Scorpio - DSR 5438B - Version

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  4. Hi! thanks a lot for uploading the single collection. Great music! Is it possible to reupload the b label singles 15 & 16. They are removed. Thank You!

  5. Explanation: The files available to download contain/ comprises of our copyrighted material We have no current licence agreements with the companies/persons using our material therefore they are using them without our consent Date Posted: 129/05/2011 Regards, Earl Minott - on behalf of Black Roots Records Email: Phone: 00442070997183 Earl Minott 53 Pikethorn London SE23 2UL

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