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I Roy - Crisus Time --- 1976 UK vinyl (hi rez rip 320Kb)Caroline CA 2011 (A Virgin subsidiary)

Virgin LP #CA 2011 1976
Record date : 1976

Album style : roots, DJ

Playlist :
Roots Man Time

African Tak

Crisus Time
Equality And Justice
Hypocrite Backout
Musical Injection
Don't Touch I Man Locks

African Herbsman
Love Your Neighbour
Send Us Little Power Oh Jah
Moving On Strong

Producer : Edward 'Bunny' Lee

Operation upgrade...


I Roy - Crisus Time

Producer: Edward 'Bunny' Lee

Label: Caroline CA 2011 (A Virgin subsidiary)

Released: late summer/early autumn 1976

Source: virtually unplayed UK vinyl

Encoder: Lame 3.92 - matching the original Fraunhofer codec
in razor sharp accuracy, and is moreover FAST and FREE


Those not already possessing this who peek into this folder
should know that this is strictly not the original LP but a
carefully re-equalized version. My guess is that the tapes
Virgin received from Jamaica was so noisy that they decided
to dim the entire set. I have again brightened the tracks to
sound more like the Bunny Lee productions of the time,
thereby again increasing the noise. It does not disturb me
in the least. Those having the option to compare the mp3s
with an original album will probably agree that this is
about how the album should sound.

The rip replaces an ill-sounding former one, that also
included a bunch of other tracks thrown into the set,
destroying the original concept in sound and idea. The
bitrate on that one is set too low so that the treble has
become garbled. Judging from that rip, the reissue contains
too much treble. Now, what sounds better is a delicate
question - on simple equipment a record spiced with large
amounts of extra treble on hi-hat and cymbals may convince
the listener that "this is it", but on good equipment such
a record may become very tiresome to listen to. If you have
already have a copy that sounds good to you, skip this one
since it has less treble than the reissue (but more than
the original LP).

"Crisus Time" was I Roy's first album for Virgin, released
on a subsidiary otherwise not used for reggae music. The
album received positive reviews (one included as an image)
and made good use of rhythms produced under the early '76
sessions that gave us the classic "Rockers Time Now" by
Johnny Clarke. Actually almost every track contains
snippets of Clarke's voice, showing his pole position in
the Bunny Lee stable at this time.

The album was re-issued in Jamaica a few years later but
then some tracks were missing. This is the original set,
and its heavy like nothing else I Roy made, in no small part
due to the incredibly tight backing by a very good line-up
of The Agrovators. I would say Mr. Lee peaked with this
setting as he was soon to turn to Channel One with their
set of musicians led by Sly & Robbie. The Agrovators' sound
then became hard to tell from that of the Revolutionaries...



Tech note.

Several tracks have had their playback volumes radically
adjusted (several decibels), to fix the very uneven
impression given by the LP. First track slightly damaged
by a scratch but it has been repaired by having the clicks
manually removed and then de-clicked with the rest of the
tracks. Mono tracks encoded as single channel mp3s at
160 Kb/s and stereo or stereo-like tracks at 320 Kb/s
(2x160Kb). Both types thus have an equal quality of sound.
The entire set limited by 1.5dB to get closer to modern
CD playback volumes.

._) (_.
| |
| T h i s r e l e a s e p a s s e d |
| |
| ____.___ ______________ _______ _____
| / / /_\_ \ _ /_____\_ /______\_ \
| / / / / / /_\ _ / / / / /
tR!/ / / /____/ // / / /\ / / /-T!
_| ____ ___ _ ___ ___ _ ___ ____ _
(_) )__((__//_\\\_ UPTOWNROCKERS FTP _//_\\__))__( (_)
|____ ____ ____ _____ ____ _|__
__\_ \ _______/ _/______/ /_\_ \ __\_ \_/ _/____
/ _/ _//_ _ / \ \ _/ // / // _/ _/\_____ /
/ \ / / / / \ \ /___/ / \ / / /
| |
Roots / Dub / Toasting / Dancehall / Rocksteady
| |
|__ __|
_ _/__________________________________________\_ _

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