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I Roy - Presenting I Roy --- Trojan LP #TRLS 63 1973 UK mint!!

Record date : 1973

Album style : early reggae, DJ

Playlist :
Red, Gold And Green
Pusher Man
Black Man Time

Smile Like An Angel
Coxsone Affair
Screw Face
First Cut Is The Deepest
Tourism Is My Business
Tripe Girl
Cow Town Skank

Producer : Augustus Clarke

No comments needed. I Roy's debut lp of 1973, just like the
follow up, Hell And Sorrow, consisting of 1972-72 Ja singles.
Essential stuff. Grab this copy, because one never knows what
Trojan was up to when reissuing this one on CD, maybe they
had the original tapes, maybe not. This is a mint copy, heavy
duty vinyl, sharp and distinct in its sound.


tech stuff:

Some track volumes slightly adjusted by 1 dB or so, to even out
the playback level. A moderate limiting by about 3 dB to bring
the output volume closer to modern cds.

Encoded as single channel mp3s at 160Kb/s equaling a stereo file
at 320Kb/s. This is high fidelity sound.

Now enjoy this wonderful album.


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